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Offering Taxi Cab Service in Greater Los Angeles Los Angeles

The Checker Cab Company has a long and rich history of providing transportation to tourists and city residents for over 25 years. It now operates a fleet of over 290 vehicles, including 24 wheelchair-accessible vans. The bright yellow and blue colors on the exterior of the vehicles have, for years, made it easy to spot a taxi in Los Angeles.

The Checker Cab Company was originally created as the successor-in-interest to three prominent LA taxi services – A&W Cab Company, Inc., Red & White Cab Company and Highland Transit, Inc. All companies, which operated in and around the city of Los Angeles, were owned by the same individual. Mr. Wiley Stilwell began each of these companies in the late 1970s.

In 1984, the companies merged to become the present Checker Cab Company. In 1989, the company allowed the Professional Drivers Association (PDA) to gain all of its shares. This allowed taxi drivers to acquire sole ownership of vehicles. They were also then able to exercise daily management of cab operations. The taxi drivers of the PDA are responsible for choosing their own officers and Board of Directors at Checker Cab. Since all of the drivers have a large stake in the company’s welfare, they are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality service. This means that all of the driver-shareholders offer safe, efficient and affordable trips around the city.

The Checker Cab Company is a Los Angeles taxi cab service that serves several areas around the city, including Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Hawthorne. The company provides fast and comfortable trips around Los Angeles, whether you are traveling to the airport, a city landmark or your doctor’s office. To learn more about the Checker Cab Company, contact our LA taxi service today at 818-488-5088.


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